Linkedin has finally launched Linkedin Business Manager!!

The wait is over, LinkedIn has finally launched LinkedIn Business Manager as part of their a new approach to B2B marketing, making B2B all that it can be. What does this mean for us marketers? You will be able to: View and manage teams, ad accounts, pages, and business partners from the central dashboard. Easier management and control […]

Is Youtube gaining on TikTok in the shorts video race?

Youtube has the highest reach with 2.53B surpassing Meta itself according to the Digital 2022 report. The video giant also says it is “gaining on TikTok in the short-video race” with more than 1.5 billion people watching YouTube Shorts every month.  In our experience Youtube is one of the most underrated platforms being used by Marketers today, it […]

Advertising & ROI – How does your digital channel mix stack up in 2022?

How are you spending your advertising budget in 2022? Which channel or partnership brings you the best ROI? According to the Digital 2022 report, 2021 global social media advertising spend was at (USD) $154B and almost an entire third (33.1%) of the total global digital ad spend came from social media. With global advertising spend expected to […]

Brand Spotlight Gym+Coffee

If there is one thing we love, it is seeing Irish brands build their empire and go from strength to strength, both online and offline. This Brand Spotlight goes to none other than Gym+Coffee.  Gym+Coffee was founded in 2017 and has grown to be Ireland’s largest and best known athleisure brand powered by a brand community […]

App of the month

This is one for all of you who have 3000+ unread emails in your inbox and for those who have marketing email after marketing email coming to your inboxes daily! Regain control over your mailbox! Cleanfoxis a free anti-spam tool to get rid of newsletters/spam/advertising emails with just one click. You can thank us later!

Ad of the month

Shoutout to Lidl, simple yet creative & effective as always!

Around Ireland in 30 days

The Bold Craft Marketing team is taking part in a fundraising challenge to support the Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland by collectively completing the distance of the coastline of Ireland in the month of July! Did you know that the circumference of the Irish coastline is 3171km??  Neither did we until this challenge, but we are […]

Search Central Virtual Unconference 2022

The Search Central Virtual Unconference 2022 took place on April 27 this year with over 450 registrants from 44 countries.  Check out some learnings from the sessions and for all of you who are running Google & Microsoft Ads, Wordstream have released 2022 Google Ads & Microsoft Ads Benchmarks for Every Industry (New Data!).

TikTok is still growing

TikTok is still growing and there is no sign of this rapid rise stopping!  According to Data Reportal Digital 2022, the latest figures reveal worldwide ad reach of 885 million. “That 885 million figure is 60 million higher than the number we reported in our October report, suggesting that TikTok has been adding an average of […]

Meta new products

Meta just launched a number of new products that could be useful, especially if you’re working in e-commerce. On May 19th 2022, Meta held their first messaging conference, Conversations 2022, sharing their new product investments that will enable businesses of all sizes to use messaging right now to: Start conversations with customers. Scale through conversations. Delight customers with […]