5 Amazing Digital Marketing Lockdown campaigns

Huda Beauty is an international cosmetics and skincare brand. The Brand was created by Huda Kattan in 2013, and has become one of the fastest growing cosmetics brands in the world. Kattan started as a beauty blogger and is regularly featured in fortunes 40 under 40 and forbes top influencers. Kattan progressed this thriving brand from content creator to global brand inspiring the next generation of influencers. She actively collaborates online and in her last product launch in October 2020 created 2.6k mentions by 1.4k unique authors for her new palette Naughty Nude. They also have a strong commitment to CSR and donated more than $500,000 dollars to the NAACP in 2020

Great Lakes Brewing, is an Ohio microbrewery, during lockdown they gained from some festive news with a hint of nostalgia, as they arranged a socially distanced First Pour event. This tradition engaged their audience, as they got to experience a hint towards normality, while reminiscing about a world pre-COVID. The online event generated a lot of positive news stories, especially within the brand’s local community.

Kayo Sports can be better described as the “Netflix of sport”. The Company offers a streaming subscription service focused only on sport, across Australia. At first, the pandemic hit the brand hard as sporting events were banned worldwide, resulting in a significant drop in paying subscribers, down to 272,000. However, as the leagues reopened, the situation turned, as people wanted to experience the sports they love, without the threat of Covid-19. By the end of 2020, Kayo Sports had hit 624,000 paying subscribers. A company record. Part of Kayo Sports’ success is down to the emotional connection consumers have with sports, this behaviour runs deeper than mere entertainment and Kayo have successfully wrapped themselves around their consumers life passions, now that’s a strategy worth employing!! 

Deezer is a French music streaming service, and as Bold Craft Marketing is led by a team of confident and capable women, they’re #womensVoices campaign immediately caught our eye for our top 5 list.  Deezer leveraged the increased demand for entertainment, with much of their mentions and engagement coming from YouTube. The brand itself is also working hard to keep their audience connected with the music they love – sharing the latest music, remembering classics, and tackling issues that matter in the industry. In March 2021, the brand launched #WomensVoices, an initiative to raise the voices of women in music and podcasts.

The travel and hospitality industries have been decimated during the pandemic. Fewer opportunities to travel has naturally led to fewer connections between these brands and their customers. But brands in this industry who have stayed connected, been consistent and faught the good fight have gained huge respect and loyalty within their markets. Swiss Airlines is a global leader in this space and are one of our firm favourites. They not only employed exceptional levels of customer service throughout the organisation which was further reinforced, by both users and influencers. Forbes deemed them one of the safest airlines to fly during the pandemic. In December 2020, they were announced as part of a partnership to launch a CommonPass app – a way to share vaccine info for travel, while luxury lifestyle influencers continued to build them up as an aspirational brand. Together, these stories create a strong perception of the brand and as more people have the opportunity to travel, they will look towards brands like Swiss Airlines to spend their money. In house they have been handing their Instagram account over to new employees each month which is driving huge engagement with lots of behind the scenes imagery, engaging the market In December 2020, they were announced as part of a partnership to launch a CommonPass app – a way to share vaccine info for travel.

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