5 Tips To Boost Your SEO

The goal of SEO is to make your business website to be more visible to your target audience by ranking higher in search results than your competitors. At Bold Craft Marketing we believe that a strong SEO strategy is a key element to accelerating your online efforts to your target market.

If there is one thing we know, it is that paid traffic is great, but organic traffic is golden! When you think of SEO, typically B2B companies are the first to jump to people’s minds, but really, SEO is an integral part of any organisation.

We’ve put together 5 tips that will help you boost your website’s SEO that you may not have considered before.

  1. Low to zero volume keywords are your new secret weapon. Many SEO professionals do not use low to zero volume keywords as they think no one is searching for them. Take this advantage over your competitors and use them to rank for those keywords with unique, thoughtful, and optimised content.
  2. Utilise Google Search Console. Google has announced the new Search Console Video Index Report feature for videos on your website. This will allow you to monitor the status of the videos on your website and determine whether or not organic searches can find them. Additionally, Search Console will explain why a video is not indexed so you can rectify the problem and improve your SEO.
  3. Internal links for category pages could be the strategy to implement if you are looking to raise your store’s rankings and conversion rates. Although it may seem really clear, your website will be simpler for users to navigate if the content is organised properly. Locating items fasters will translate to greater conversion rates for you as well as better search engine rankings.
  4. Delete zombie pages, these are pages on your site that don’t generate traffic. Google doesn’t want to rank sites that have low- quality content, they prefer one strong page over several smaller ones. By deleting zombie pages you can get higher rankings and more Google traffic.
  5. Use a simple and readable URL structure. If a person finds it hard to read and understand your URL, a Google bot will too! Avoid complicated numbers that don’t tell the user anything about your content and describe your webpage with words and dashes, e.g. https://www.boldcraftmarketing.com/search-engine-optimisation/

At Bold Craft Marketing, we specialize in digital marketing and we are constantly perfecting online strategies for our clients. If you have not yet implemented an SEO strategy and want to see how functional and SEO ready your website is, you can get a free website audit in minutes.

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