Advertising & ROI – How does your digital channel mix stack up in 2022?

How are you spending your advertising budget in 2022? Which channel or partnership brings you the best ROI?

According to the Digital 2022 report, 2021 global social media advertising spend was at (USD) $154B and almost an entire third (33.1%) of the total global digital ad spend came from social media.

With global advertising spend expected to rise by 8.4% this year, choosing the best channel or blend of channels integral to give you the best results. Another factor that will significantly impact your ROI is your brand communications and content you use to promote your brand. 

The power of both UGC and Influencer Marketing is undeniable. Incorporating the use of UGC as part of your digital strategy but also optimising it to its fullest potential is a no-brainer as it reduces content creating costs, increases engagement, and boosts conversions, leaving you more budget to spend on advertising and reaching more customers.   

When it comes to Influencer Marketing, The State of Partnership Marketing gives an overview of a variety of partnerships with 43% of respondents working with Affiliates and 41% working with social influencers, and 55% of respondents saying their partner channel is an important, significant, or even critical piece of their revenue strategy.

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