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Bold Craft Marketing & The Irish Blogger Agency join forces to bring you the answer to sourcing influencers for brands.

Bold Craft Marketing is delighted to announce our recent partnership with Sinead Carroll and The Irish Blogger Agency. This enables us to access a database of over 700+ bloggers, Vloggers content creators, and influencers. With a reach in excess of 11M this is the kind of influencer reach brands can’t live without. 

Clever influencer marketing strategies are important in delivering fast growth in online sales. They have been a key driver of online growth for many organisations in 2022. 

The challenge is finding the right mix of influencers and not overusing any one influencer. This is critical to ensure you continue delivering your products to fresh new markets and growing your market share. 

We can all fall into the trap of using the same influencers in my area. And while we 100% support leveraging local influencers. The reality is they may not always be the best brand fit or can become over-used over time. 

It can be so hard to identify the high quality or which type of influencers to work with. We are so lucky to now have access to a pool of bloggers, content creators, and influencers from across Ireland. This allows us to quickly analyse and deliver the best influencers to work with and increase online conversion rates.

Our database plays host to some of the best Irish influencers. It is filled with an incredibly talented bunch of people. Who can help brands spread the message and motivate the call to action on your produce or service. 

The database allows us to quickly identify influencers. We can segment the influencers into various different segments. Including; influencers for home decor, health & fitness, baby products, travel, food, fashion or fitness influencers. 

We can also identify if the influencer is an instagram influencer, a tiktok influencer, a facebook influencer or a twitter influencer. We can even tell if their influence spreads across multiple platforms. 

Would you like to identify the buyer persona and expected engagement rates ahead of your marketing campaign? Of Course, you would the database allows us to identify key insights just like this, to help with marketing planning. 

We often get asked are influencers worth it? Social media influencers have been on the rise for a long time and it’s not going away. The reality is, yes good influencers are worth it people value the opinions of people they like and trust. Which makes influencer marketing an efficient and trustworthy way of communicating your brand message and growing online sales. 

If you are a small business or a large organisation working with the right influencer is crucial. If campaigns are executed well they can enhance the overall user experience of your product or service. 

Issuing an influencer a discount code is a great way to measure the short-term results of your campaign. When using this strategy it’s important to ensure your checkout page and checkout process overall is seamless. Adding a Virtual Assistant to your site can also help improve your overall customer service. 

The database also allows us to access content creators or fashion bloggers who can help create specific content. This content can be used to support email marketing campaigns, online store campaigns or a specific influencer marketing campaign. These campaigns can really help float your landing pages to the top of the pile. 


Bold Craft Marketing's Team of Digital Marketing Experts

Established in 2017, Bold Craft Marketing is an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency in Mayo. Adept at evaluating digital markets and delivering winning strategies and communications. Our experience spans across National and International Markets including Europe, USA, MENA and Australia. 

Bold Craft Marketing leverages the latest and best industry technology to analyse, track and monitor market trends. This enables us to identify key insights and the best digital marketing mix to stimulate every campaign and accelerate digital growth. Our go-to-market team is relentless in delivering best-in-class social media marketing and digital marketing management.

At Bold Craft Marketing, we actively leverage data to build intelligent customer journeys and excel big brands online. Passionate about digital transformation, our creative and analytics team of experts manages both paid and organic social media campaigns. We work across multiple social channels, including; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, & Youtube in DTC and B2B Markets. 

We are data-driven, providing our client with actionable insights from trends happening in your market right now. Social media management is more than engaging content and copy. Our Industry experience offers an in-depth understanding of online customer behaviour. This experience ensures our team of digital experts is 100% focused on getting the best ROI in the market.

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