Bold Craft Marketing Will See You at Tech Connect Live – the Tech Event of the Year!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Bold Craft Marketing Team will  be exhibiting at TechConnect Live – 13th September 2022 in the RDS, Dublin, showcasing Social Jam, Ireland’s only User Generated Content (UGC) Management Platform. This tech summit is our very first chance to introduce Social Jam, live and in-person to the Irish market! Social Jam helps brands build creative, and ultra-engaging marketing campaigns through the use of UGC in online and offline marketing campaigns. Our CEO Helen Gavin will be speaking about The Power of UGC. If you are contemplating how to best use UGC in your marketing, this talk will be one not to be missed.


TechConnect Live is Ireland’s largest annual business and technology exhibition for Micro, SME and Enterprise level companies with 130 exhibitors and 150 speakers. At this event, over 5,000 business owners, key decision-makers, entrepreneurs, owners and managers from all across Ireland will gather to network, learn and do business. Be inspired as you learn from the country’s most successful business people and develop valuable skills to transform your business. 


If you have not yet added this tech summit to your diary, now is the time to do so.


In a world where technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, from artificial intelligence to geotargeting, automation, and other advancements in information technology, how does your business remain relevant? And furthermore, how do you know which technologies can support your growth? The TechConnect Live Summit will give you an opportunity to scope out the latest changes in technology to accelerate your growth. 


From a digital marketing perspective, the rapidly advancing technologies are transforming how digital marketers operate and develop strategy. With the emergence of smarter devices and software innovation, reaching and connecting with new customers and new markets is more streamlined than ever before. Everything in our life has been influenced by technology, from the way we interact to the way we shop and this has influenced marketing to evolve into a digital art form. 


Our team will be exhibiting at Tech Connect in two capacities, one for Bold Craft Marketing, our award-winning digital marketing agency, adept at evaluating digital markets and delivering winning strategies and communications in Global Markets. This has been a big year for our team at Bold Craft Marketing with the start of the year seeing the launch of Social Jam, Ireland’s first UGC Platform. 


Thanks to it’s continued success and the continued passion, drive and ambition of our team, expanded to our new office space in May, and have sinced announced that Bold Craft Marketing is now a proud partner of  The Irish Blogger Agency. This partnership enables us to access a database of over 700+ bloggers, Vloggers content creators, and influencers. With a reach in excess of 11M this is the kind of influencer reach brands can’t live without. Clever influencer marketing strategies are important in delivering fast growth in online sales. They have been a key driver of online growth for many organisations in 2022. This proprietary software is just one example of how to level up your digital marketing through the right choice of automation and software tools. 

This brings us to our next exhibition at TechConnect Live. 


Social Jam is Ireland’s first UGC Platform here to help brands build creative, and ultra-engaging marketing campaigns through the use of UGC in online and offline marketing campaigns. There could be a world of people talking about your brand online and this is your way to not only be part of that conversation but also leverage this digital word of mouth to drive brand loyalty and revenue. Today, brands must be authentic in their approach to digital marketing to build this brand loyalty. Trus is a short word, but trust plays a pivotal role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. 


Today, visual marketing with user-generated content is one of the most trusted forms of marketing. Why? Because consumers trust the opinions of their peers. At Tech Connect Live, our CEO Helen Gavin will be speaking about the Power of UGC, reviewing the creation and impact of global UGC campaigns. From how they were created to how they were implemented and how they impacted the bottom line of some of the world’s leading brands,


TechConnect Live is a free to attend event giving you access to all the key suppliers, support organisations and partners you need to increase your profitability and drive your company forward. 

Register today for free at www.techconnect-live.com

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