Digital That Delivers

Bold Craft Marketing is one of the approved agencies to deliver the Fáilte Ireland Digital That Delivers Programme

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At Bold Craft Marketing, we are thrilled to announce that we are one of the trusted agency partners approved by the core consortium group to deliver the Digital that Delivers program. 


The Consortium includes a number of expert agency partners including Core Optimisation, Razor Social and CT Consults.

At Bold Craft Marketing we deliver on the following aspects of the digital that delivers programme

  • Digital Marketing, including social strategy and implementation, Google ads strategy and implementation – Visitor experiences will receive support to develop their digital marketing strategy and capabilities using the latest AI technologies, improving visibility and prominence of their brand website and social channels.
  • Data measurements and insights – Visitor experiences will be supported with advanced data measurement set up allowing them to unlock AI driven insights and recommendations. They will receive training on how to use these tools, enabling them to make informed decisions around future product development, and sales and marketing spend. 

If you are interested in being part of or applying for this fantastic programme please click on the apply button below. 

What is “Digital that Delivers”?

Digital that Delivers is a comprehensive initiative by Failte Ireland aimed at empowering businesses in the tourism sector with cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. It’s designed to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape, ensuring they reach their target audience effectively and stand out in a competitive market. The digital that delivers program is broken up into four workstreams:

  • Booking Systems and Distribution
  • Website and Content 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Measurement and Insights