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Digital Trends 2022

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Bold Craft Marketing is delighted to announce our first digital event of the year, Digital Trends 2022 where we will answer the question “What’s Up Next?”

On Feb 3rd at 11am, the BCM team will be catching up with guest speakers from Meta, Google, and Shopify, where we will dive into what trends industry experts see on the horizon for 2022.

We are so lucky to work in an industry where no two years are the same. We are heavily influenced by new trends and new technologies which allow us to innovate and find new, more efficient, and more impactful ways to accelerate business online!

In 2021 we saw trends like the phenomenon that is TikTok storming the social media marketplace changing its landscape once again! This contributed to a surge in UGC like we have not seen before.

So what impact will trends like this have on digital marketing for 2022 and what other key trends do you need to know to ensure you are exploiting all opportunities within the digital marketing environment and delivering the best ROI for your organisation!! 

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