Google Updates

Google has announced further updates to its product offering, two of which we are very excited to see both from an optimisation and reporting perspective!

And, here is the low down…

Google Ads is to see not one, or two but Four Performance Max updates:

  • Seasonality adjustmentsYou can alter your bid tactics for events like long weekends, seven-day sales, and other times when you anticipate abrupt changes in conversion rates thanks to seasonality adjustments.
  • Data exclusions:You can now omit data to correct errors if you had conversion tracking problems, such as server outages.
  • ExplanationsThis feature should help you understand diagnostics and offer recommendations for improving performance and will be available in the coming weeks.
  • Optimization score: Everybody loves a good rating. The score can help you identify room for improvement and also suggests actionable recommendations.

Google Analytics 4 – We are delighted to see metrics like bounce rate, additional UTM parameter values, and conversion rates that will let you report on any event, are on the way to Analytics 4.

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