Industry Update – Pinterest Tips & Tricks 

Not sure how to use Pinterest to your advantage? Firstly, we recommend that you switch to a business profile and follow these 5 simple tips & tricks: 

  1. Build content-rich boards around your niche – Like any other social platform, you need to build content-rich boards around your business niche and products. 
  2. Brand your business – Ensure you add your logo to your pins!
  3. Use keywords – Use terms and keywords that people will search for in your niche when creating your content.
  4. Optimise your graphics – Pinterest recommends you use a 2:3 ratio when creating pins. 
  5. Create multiple pins for the same piece of content – Don’t exhaust yourself, create different images and text that will appeal to different audiences with the same piece of content at its focus.

Are you using Pinterest in your marketing?

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