Instagram & Influencer Marketing

For all of you running Instagram campaigns or looking to work with Instagram creators, the now rated highest engagement app is introducing a creator marketplace, where brands can discover creators to collaborate with!

This will be a new space where marketers can locate creators they might want to interact with and filter them by gender, age, number of followers, and interests using the Meta Business Suite desktop application.

You’ll also be able to see creators who have expressed interest in collaborating with you, have tagged you, or follow you.

If Instagram’s marketplace proves to be a success, you’ll have another tool for sourcing and managing creators.

Further updates from Instagram include the app may soon allow you to show sponsored posts on your profile feed and last but certainly not least…Instagram now allows you to sell your products directly through your DMs!

Across the Meta family of apps, one billion users message businesses every week, whether it’s to talk with brands, browse products, request assistance, or engage with stories.

Meta offers a new way to shop on Instagram – right where you chat! They aim to make it simple and seamless for people to find and buy the things they love.

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