Selfie Frames


Customized Selfie Frames for Your Brand & Events

Promotional Selfie Frames are perfect for developing engagement with your audience. These essential party pieces are a fast-rising trend when it comes to organized events!

Make your brand stand out by getting a personalised hashtag sign for your events! Create your hashtag using your company name, slogan or aspect you wish to highlight about your event and get people interacting.

Marketing Benefits:

  1. Increase brand awareness – your company name or whatever text you choose for your hashtag will be reinforced.
  2. A photo can last a lifetime – as a great photo opportunity, people will look back at photos and see your company name or logo.
  3. Creates interaction between attendees and your brand at events – they are great for encouraging interaction between your guests through the use of your trending marketing tool.
  4. Hashtags are all about what is trending in the market. Make your brand be the thing that is trending and build some excitement around it.
  5. Your guests are more likely to use your hashtag when posting on their social media about your event after physically holding your company hashtag word in their photos at your event.


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