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As technology itself advances, so does the need for the approach to marketing. A common issue we have found with Software & Technology companies when it comes to digital marketing is reaching the right target market, and more specifically than that, the decision-makers.By combining cutting-edge technology, digital data and creative intelligence, we identify opportunities for Software & ICT companies and execute effective digital strategies to surpass business goals. 

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Bold Craft Marketing Will See You at Tech Connect Live – the Tech Event of the Year!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Bold Craft Marketing Team will  be exhibiting...
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Linkedin has finally launched Linkedin Business Manager!!

The wait is over, LinkedIn has finally launched LinkedIn Business Manager as part of their a new...
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Is Youtube gaining on TikTok in the shorts video race?

Youtube has the highest reach with 2.53B surpassing Meta itself according to the Digital 2022 report. The video...
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Advertising & ROI – How does your digital channel mix stack up in 2022?

How are you spending your advertising budget in 2022? Which channel or partnership brings you...
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Brand Spotlight Gym+Coffee

If there is one thing we love, it is seeing Irish brands build their empire...
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App of the month

This is one for all of you who have 3000+ unread emails in your inbox...
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