Trend watch July 2021 – Fashion and Beauty

Trend Watch July 2021

EEEk with only a few months before the Pre-Christmas online surge and as many industries start to bounce back we are taking a closer look at trends and insights impacting the fashion and beauty industry. During the pandemic fashion and beauty were heavily impacted by the sudden drop in in-store customers’ many beauty brands responded by relying heavily on partnership campaigns with A-list celebrities or staying on top of the latest TikTok trend to stay afloat. While fashion brands were kept on their toes trying to monitor consumers changing behaviour and reorganising their product lines to meet an unprecedent demand for leggings and sweat pants. We look into the overarching conversations that stand out in the fashion industry, as well as brands that hit it out of the park with their decisions. Follow along as we dive into themes from online conversations over the last few months, including a rise in user generated content, celebrity fashion, and trends on social media.

Some of the trends that stand out:

• Personal care products

• Lockdown-appropriate clothing

• Social media trends

• Omnichannel approach for fashion

• Unlikely collaborations

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